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We are one with Christ,
Christ lives in us!
Christ is our salvation,
We are his light in the world!
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
God says:
"You are my child!"


I look to God in all my needs;
I know that I can trust Him.
Every time my troubled soul pleads,
He makes sure I am secure in His care.



Shepherd News Trust - A Source of Hope

War, Peace & Hope

War, Peace & Hope was prompted by the tragedies that overwhelmed refugees in World War II.

Hope is the central theme in Elli Neujahr's Story about the flight. In all such experiences, the hope in the world is not enough. Therefore, we must each reach beyond worldly hope.

Even when war is over, the suffering of refugees goes on. Refugees are branded for life. Many are forced to live in sub-standard conditions in refugee camps until they find a decent home. Even then the stigma of refugee stays with them until they die, because previous residents feel intruded upon.

Refugees may temporarily forget the bad things that happened to them, but memories live on. Time is God's way to help us move on.


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