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God says:
"I want you!
Not your good works
or accomplishments,
I want you as a person."


God speaks and life is serene.
Life once again is a new creation:
Entrenched traditions are no more.
Doctrine and dogmas sound full of retreat.
Myth and legend depart the scene.
We are free in the Spirit.
We are free in the glory of God.



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Unity - the Song

I have written Unity to encourage members of the world's religions to align as a united front for the purpose of speaking with one voice for justice and peace. In this effort, Unity is the theme song. Writing the song for War, Peace & Hope presented unforeseen challenges for me. I was struggling for words to be all-inclusive in defining the commonality of the world's population without creating an identity crisis in the diversity of cultures.

I would like to share with you this wonderful and joyous song, Unity - An International Anthem of Peace and Hope. I'm offering this song to you for your own use, at no charge.

Please click on the image below to download the song.




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